The Roccafiorita family arrives to Syracuse from Mazara del Vallo (Trapani) bringing along the traditions and the goodness of the West Sicilian cuisine.
In the heart of Ortigia, between the Cathedral Dome and the Massimo Theater, the restaurant “Al Mazarì” opened its doors in July 2006 in a setting made of elegance and history, with a pleasant musical “foundation” and an atmosphere created by a cozy light.
When you enter, "you will have immediately the feeling of being in your drawing-room" The chef, Silvana, the maitre Enzo and sommelier Peppe's mother, cook simple and savoured plates, prepared for you on the spot, with simpleness and love, presented to you with elegance.
The father, Ludovico, entertains the guests with sympathy and advises them in the choice of the different and tasty plates Between many specialities you can try the famous Trapanese Cuscus, homemade and according to the original ancient Arabic recipe.
You will feel at home and any of your needs will be fulfilled.
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